A Message from the Superintendent
Welcome back to school!
Although summers seem to grow shorter each year, there is nothing like the excitement of returning to school…friends, new experiences, and just getting back to a routine.  Throughout my career as an educator, I still get excited about the first day of school.
This year’s theme, “Connect, Innovate, and Create,” will move this school division further along on the instructional continuum.  We will seek to connect to learning and people that will provide varied ways of addressing material, and building bridges that are essential for success.  Innovate will promote 21st Century learning within our classrooms. New technology, exceptionally fast broadband services, and a strong level of support for teachers and students to think about learning in new ways are all hallmarks of the new year.  Each of us learns differently and at different speeds. This new approach of being innovative in exploring issues will encourage young people to grow as scholars. Finally, create will encourage students in very tangible ways to investigate their learning, and develop new ways of problem solving and expression.These days are the dawning of a “new age” in ACPS; one that will encourage and support learners in entirely new ways.
I would hope that as the school year begins, you would feel comfortable visiting our schools. Please take some time to visit, and get to know your local school as a place where your child is encouraged to grow and develop in a safe, supportive environment.  Best wishes to your family as we begin a new school year.

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Dr. Steven Nichols