A Brief Message from the Superintendent
Several times over the last five years of writing to you through this venue, I have expressed my firm belief in the value of reading.  That belief certainly hasn’t diminished.  Reading is a means of insuring success in all school; no matter what the grade—no matter what the subject.  Reading assists in developing comprehension skills, analytical ability, vocabulary building, and a host of other supports to learning.  Reading also develops confidence in the student to “attack” more challenging material, and growth is what schooling is all about.  Reading broadens horizons, opens doors of information and wonder, and can be a positive diversion from the challenges of other school work.  It has been my experience that young people who read, and read well, are better students of history, science, foreign language, and many other related subjects.
Above all, encourage your young student to read and to make it a life-long passion. Reading will assist in accessing new information and skills as we grow older, so I advise young people to read and become life-long learners.  We all want those wonderful young minds to have the best support to be the best they can be…our future depends on their brilliance.
Sadly for me, this is my last communication through this venue, as I am retiring on 30 June with 47 years of school experience. I have come to realize young people have not changed very much since I began my career.  They want to be loved, guided, and cared for in the best ways possible. Kids today still want to be a part of the “right” clique, want to wear the “right” clothes, and be accepted by their peers.  It really is tough to be a kid. For me, working with them, has been a true joy.  From those 47 years with serving thousands of kids, I feel I have only a very few I could not connect with and assist in some way. I have always been “kid friendly,” and I know the greatest thing I will miss about not being a Superintendent is not being around young people and the life force they generate.
I have been honored to serve the children and citizens of Amherst County, and I leave this position wishing only the very best for ACPS. Thank you and good-bye.

Dr Nichols Signature

Dr. Steven Nichols