ACPS Strategic Plan: The Roadmap to Serve Every Child, Every Day

Work is under way on the Amherst County Public Schools Strategic Plan with a scheduled launch for School Year 2019-20. This plan will serve as the school division’s roadmap to truly achieve our mission of serving Every Child, Every Day. Link to the Initial Data Information.

Creating the Plan
To start, we invited employees, parents, students and community members to share their hopes and dreams for ACPS, their current perceptions of ACPS, and what the priorities should be for ACPS in the coming years. Thank you to the hundreds of stakeholders who gave us valuable insights. Link to the Summary Analysis of Feedback.

Working on the Plan
Led by a 66-member Steering Committee, work is continuing on the plan to identify the goals, objectives and key metrics by which to measure success. The Steering Committee has representatives from throughout ACPS: administrators, teachers, support staff, counselors, parents and community members. We invite you to check back often to see our progress.

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