Science Websites

Bay Backpack – Chesapeake Bay watershed-related lesson plans and activities, field studies, and professional development opportunities
Chesapeake Bay Program – Chesapeake Bay-related information and activities
Chesapeake Bay Foundation – SOL-aligned curricula and professional development
CHESSIE (Chesapeake Science on the Internet for Educators) – Bay-related education resources, online data and professional development opportunities from Mid-Atlantic Marine Education Association
Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) – wildlife and fisheries resources for students and teachers
Virginia's Water Resources: A Tool for Teachers (K-8) – A guide containing information and activities supporting interdisciplinary and problem-based teaching about watersheds, water quality, stewardship and management issues
Science Museum of Virginia – educational programs for students and professional development for teachers in grades K-12
Science Museum of Western Virginia – educational programs for students and professional development for teachers in grades K-12
Virginia Department of Forestry – conservation education information for students
Virginia Living Museum – information on resources and activities available at the museum
Virginia Museum of Natural History – information on professional development opportunities for teachers and resources for students including Virginia Science Standards Institute and Virginia Science Institute for STEM Education information and materials
Virginia Naturally – provides links to environmental information that promote lifelong learning about Virginia's environment and stewardship of the commonwealth's natural and historic resources
Virginia Naturally School Recognition Program – information on the commonwealth's official environmental education school recognition program
Virginia Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom – educational program to increase agricultural literacy in grades K-8
Science Matters – professional development and networking opportunities from the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA)
NASA – space-related educational resources for teachers and students
Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching – information on the highest recognition that a K-12 mathematics or science teacher may receive
Virginia Junior Academy of Science – information for programs and competitions for the advancement of science in grades 7-12
Experimenting with Enzymes – laboratory manual with enzyme experiments correlating with several biology and chemistry SOL
Professional Organizations