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If you need help logging in, click on the link that says "Forgot username or password". A window will pop up asking for the users email address. Enter the email address and click submit.  The user should receive an email on how to reset your password. All usernames are the email address that is in PowerSchool for the teacher.

Most common Chromebook problems: "Your device doesn't meet the testing requirements."  Most likely the resolution on the Chromebook needs to be set to 100%. To do that you can use the keyboard shortcut of: Ctrl+Shift+0. Or from the bottom right hand corner of your screen, click Settings > Device > Displays > Set the slider to 100%

If not, the browser might be zoomed in our out. The browser must be at 100%. Make sure Chrome is the active window and you can use the keyboard shortcut of: Ctrl + the plus or minus key. Plus to increase the zoom and minus to reduce the zoom. Or from the upper right hand corner of Chrome, click the 3 dots > Zoom plus or minus to get to 100%.

A troubleshooting guide from MAP: