ARA COVID-19 Reporting Protocols and SOL Tests

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Over the next few weeks ACPS will be administering End of Course SOL tests to our Middle and High school ARA students who are currently taking courses that require such tests. To help with our COVID-19 response, I would like to remind you of our COVID-19 reporting protocols.  We ask that you notify your ARA school administration if your student meets any of the following conditions:

1. Has recently tested positive for COVID-19;
2. Has recently experienced COVID-19 related symptoms; 
3. Has recently been tested for COVID-19; 
4. Has recently been exposed to someone with COVID-19.  

If your student has met any of the criteria listed above, we will work with you to determine a date that your student can be scheduled for testing based on our COVID-19 response protocols.  

To aid in the testing process, we also want to remind our students to bring their Chromebook and charger with them to the testing sites.  SOL testing will take place at your student's base school.  Science tests will be given on January 22.  Reading tests will be given on January 29.  Math tests will be given on February 5.  

Please feel free to contact your ARA school administration if you have any questions or concerns.