Our Councils

The ACPS Diversity Council.... Who Are We?

One of the many responsibilities of a school district is to ensure fair and equitable treatment among all students and employees of diverse backgrounds. The ACPS School Board believes in the power of education to change thinking, attitudes and behaviors. We are committed to identifying and eliminating systematic barriors which limit the academic success and life chances of students, as well as career opportunities of employees. The ACPS Diversity Council operates with a mandate to promote and raise awareness of issues relating to equity and diversity.

The ACPS Diversity Council supports the equity, valuing diversity, inclusion and respect for the dignity of all persons within the ACPS community. Our Council is made up of reps from all schools, community members and central office liaison and Dr. Arnold. Are you interested in participating? Please contact Merredith Watkins at Madison Heights Elementary. We meet the second Tuesday in each month at the Administrative Building.

Diversity Council Brochure